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Norfolk and Suffolk Power Floated Concrete Flooring

Power Float Concrete Floors in Norfolk and Suffolk

Power floated concrete flooring is a perfect surface for areas that are frequently trafficked either by foot or vehicle. It is a dense, hardwearing surface that will not degrade quickly.

What is a power float?

A power float is a machine that consists of a petrol or electrical motor attached to a circular plate with finishing blades affixed, angled at 5-10 degrees to specify the finish it will apply. It is usually pushed by an operator over newly laid concrete, smoothing and compacting the surface.

What are the benefits of a power floated floor?

A power float greatly reduces the time taken to lay a floor when compared to using hand trowels, meaning your floor will be ready for use sooner. It also recompacts concrete during the drying process, meaning any cracks that do appear will be closed up again, and the density of the resulting concrete will be higher. Power floated floors are dense enough to bear the weight of heavy machinery and resist any damage. The process also produces a glossy, attractive finish that suits any work area, and is easy to clean.

FBS offers an expert power float concrete flooring service for agricultural, commercial and industrial customers in the Norfolk and Suffolk area.

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