FBS: Construction of Concrete Bases, Roadways and Hard Standings

Norfolk and Suffolk Concrete Roadways and Hard Standings

Concrete in Norfolk and Suffolk

FBS can supply and construct all sorts of concrete bases, roadways and hard standings in the Norfolk and Suffolk areas. We can offer the following finishes:

Tamped Concrete

Tamped Concrete is a non-slip finish, which is well suited for maximum grip for traffic. It is commonly used in steep areas that have heavy traffic.

We compact the concrete before it finishes curing which increases strength. A tamped finish is ideal for outdoor situations where the surface is likely to endure high volumes of water or heavy traffic.


Brush finish is a non-slip finish with fine grooves for use in walkways, fire escapes and pedestrianised area.

A brush finish is ideal for areas where vehicular or foot traffic is likely. The rough texture of the finish minimises the risk of slipping and therefore safer to walk on than other finishes in wet conditions. Similarly, the grooves in the surface increase water run-off promoting a better drainage system.

Skip Float

Skip Float finish provides a smooth surface mainly used on industrial / residential oversites in preparation to receive floor insulation.

Skip floats are also referred to as bull floats. The purpose is to level out ridges which can be caused by precursor methods.